On Net ChileHalf the ~6 million homes in Chile can get FTTH from On Net,  CommsUpdate reported, to my amazement. That's better than Verizon and much better than AT&T, BT, or Deutsche Telekom. It passed 500,000 homes in the last six months and plans to pass another million in 2022. (The figure was confirmed by the company financials.

Private equity firm KKR net controls On Net, spun out from Telefonica Movistar.  Like all private equity firms, it only invests where the capital return is high.  The money is a very strong endorsement of a neutral fiber build from one of the most sophisticated investors in the world.

While so far On Net is only available from Movistar, CEO of ON*NET Jose Miguel Torres is confident other ISPs will use On Net.

"It doesn't make sense to build the same network two, three or four times. We have announced 4 million houses passed. We already have a base of 3 million. We cover 60% of the homes in the country, with a capacity to connect houses and support 5G,” he says

On Net fiber coverage totally outclasses BellSouth, which owned the company until 2005. BellSouth, now part of AT&T, still has terrible broadband coverage. Telefonica Movistar bought the company from BellSouth and sold it to investment firm KKR in 2021. 

KKR and Movistar announced that they will replicate the business developed in Chile in Colombia,

Here's the pr

ON*NET FIBRA reaches 3 million homes with access to fiber optics and consolidates the largest network deployed in the country

More than 60% of the deployment carried out by the company has been in regions, focusing on Tarapacá, Coquimbo, Valparaíso, Biobío, La Araucanía and Los Lagos.

With a 20% growth in its network in the first seven months of operation and an investment close to US$100 million, ON*Net Fibra announced that it has already reached 3 million homes with fiber optics throughout the country, which is equivalent to a coverage of 50% of all existing dwellings in Chile.

According to a statement, the company controlled by the investment group KKR thus consolidates its position as the leader in FTTH network coverage in our country, with a presence from Arica to Magallanes through more than 32,000 kilometers of fiber optics.

As part of this growth, more than 60% of the coverage increase made by ON*Net Fibra was in regions, where localities such as Iquique, Alto Hospicio, Vallenar, Ovalle, Osorno, Puerto Montt, Puerto Natales, Punta Arenas and Puerto Porvenir stand out. .

José Miguel Torres, general manager of ON*Net Fibra, explained that "reaching half of the country's homes with the possibility of high-speed access allows us to consolidate our leadership position in the deployment of fiber optic networks, with a unique potential and competitiveness in the market so that our current and future clients can use our network, and thus focus on delivering their services to homes and businesses in Chile”