Lantiq"It's great for us," Christoph von Schierst├Ądt of Lantiq tells me. I compared the company at merger with the hopes of a few years ago. Christoph is looking forward and writes,

"Honestly, I don't really agree that the Lantiq / Intel story isn't a good one. In fact it's a great proof of everything we did to bring the company back on track  - We made the company faster, lean and nimble. Dan Artusi installed four key principles which we are acting under since then: customers, speed, simplify, participation. He furthermore demanded and successfully installed the 'see a problem, fix it' mentality; means we all care for the success of the company and remove roadblocks faster. 

Christian Wolff played a critical role in leading the company through the transition to a stand-alone, independent company. With Lantiq's carve-out from Infineon the company entered a new period of its development. Dan and the team then shaped and streamlined the company - we have positive cash flow, a solid customer base and a strong number 2 position in the market.

The acquisition by Intel, which is still subject to governmental approvals, is now the next big step for Lantiq and we are very proud to say, we created the opportunity to combine Lantiq with Intel's cable business, and together we will continue to shape the Broadband and Connected Home landscape.

From a technology perspective it's great for us to grow beyond the DSL market. The connected Home has been our target for quite a while and now we are extending our reach to the cable portion of the market. Short term there will be a new business in the cable modem area but more important we now also have more scale and power to challenge our competition and grow further.

For us this is a very positive success story. We perfectly complement each other and Lantiq is getting excellent customer feedback. Carriers and Telcos for example embrace the news and already start broader discussions with us. For them it's also great because they get the full breadth of access technologies and access to leading edge manufacturing with a broad range of end to end solutions from device to cloud.

I hope he's right.