Mike Dano at Light Reading reports that Comcast and Charter, who represent the strong majority of US cable, have extended their MVNO with Verizon to 5G. Both companies have been asserting they will build their own substantial networks. One top cable exec, in private, has told me, "We will be huge in wireless."

Neither company will say whether they are reducing their plans for an independent network build. It's possible the companies will use Verizon out of territory while building in territory.  

Both companies have a great deal of fiber and physical access to poles and manholes. Their home Wi-Fi can absorb much of the traffic. They can add radios for remarkably little. Everyone in cable thought their cost would be so low that adding wireless networks of their own would be very profitable.

Cable technology is in turmoil.

In August,  Jeff Baumgartner broke the story that Cisco put full duplex DOCSIS on hold because customers like Comcast refused to commit to buying it. Cablecos continue to explore extending the spectrum used to 1.8 GHz rather than introducing the new full duplex technology. Some believe building fiber to the home will prove less expensive in the long run.

Mike has been breaking so many stories he's embarrassing all other tech/telecom reporters. The New York Times and the Washington Post desperately need to find a reporter who can keep up with Mike and Karl Bode.