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In what I believe is the first announced telco drone surveillance plan, Saudi Telecom hopes to sell the Saudi Ministry of Defence and Aramco a large detection and interdiction system. Gear will be sourced from Australian company DroneShield under a Memorandum of Understanding, not a delivery contract. No use of the 5G positioning tools has been announced.

The Saudis are investing heavily in drones, including a domestic plant built by the Chinese. They hosted the Drone Racing World Championship in 2018. Saudi Telecom, as well as Zain Kuwait, have ambitious plans to sell Drones-as-a-Service. Deutsche Telekom offers the Magenta Drone Defense Shield. Vodafone is also investing in "The rise of drones." Neither has announced buyers.

Detecting small. low altitude drones is a challenge for traditional radar systems, especially as drones are becoming available with stealth material. Systems are likely to include a huge array of specialized radars, visible light and infrared sensors, and serious computer power to separate large birds and other moving objects from drones.

This requires major computing power as well as sophisticated "friend or foe" systems. 

DroneShield offers radio jammers and GPS destructors, as well as dedicated munitions.


Analysis &

DroneShield utilises a multi-sensor approach to analyse and identify incoming drone threats.

The radar sensor tracks a moving object, separating it from the background clutter such as trees or birds.

The radio frequency sensor provides a direction of bearing to the target, matching a set of RF signatures, which are regularly updated.

Camera and thermal sensors allow for a visual confirmation to the user, with an ability for high definition zoom during day or night.

This multi-sensor analysis allows us to detect drones with high accuracy, delivering low false-alarm rates.


Joint Statement by Public Telecommunication Co (STC Specialized) and DroneShield


DroneShield has today released an ASX announcement with regards to a Memorandum of Understanding between DroneShield and Public Telecommunication Co (STC Specialized).

Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; Sydney, Australia; and Virginia, USA – The Public Telecommunication Co also known as STC Specialized (“STC Specialized”) and DroneShield Ltd (ASX:DRO or DRO.AU) (“DroneShield”), are pleased to release the following joint statement.
The Saudi Telecom Company (“STC”) is the only national licensed Kingdom of Saudi Arabia operator providing the business sector, governmental, industrial and commercial sectors, with services and solutions addressing instant collective wireless communications.
STC Specialized is the executive arm of the STC whose mission is implementing solutions for Critical Communications, by aiming at boosting the communication channels between ambulatory and fixed working groups in various business sectors, at the highest standards of efficiency and effectiveness.
Under the guidance of the government of the Kingdom, STC Specialized seeks to fulfil a long-term vision for a globally integrated and diverse Saudi economy, and to operate as a trusted global player that partners with the world’s best. Among STC Specialized’s partners in the aerospace and defense industry are Airbus, Motorola and Inmarsat. STC Specialized is pleased to add DroneShield to that list.
STC Specialized’s customers include Saudi Aramco, Saudi Ministry of Defence, General Directorate of Civil Defence, Saudi Airlines, Saudi Electricity Company, Rabigh Refining Company, General Directorate of Narcotics Control, and a large number of other largest Saudi Government and enterprise customers.
Nefarious use, and the potential for nefarious use, of commercial and consumer grade drones in the Middle East is now well-documented. STC Specialized is pleased to partner with DroneShield, an effective global leader in drone detection and mitigation.
DroneShield (ASX:DRO or DRO.AU) is a public Australian company whose products provide protection to people and critical infrastructure from intrusions by commercial / consumer grade drones. DroneShield’s products include DroneSentinel™ (a sensor fusion, multi-method drone detection system), DroneSentry™ (a combined detection and interdiction system), and DroneGun™ Tactical (a handheld rifle-shaped drone-mitigation device).
STC Specialized and DroneShield were pleased to execute a Memorandum of Understanding (the “MOU”) to document the start of their relationship. Under the MOU, STC Specialized and DroneShield have acknowledged that theirs is a strategic relationship for both parties, and that they will co-operate on sales opportunities in the Kingdom and the broader Middle East, with a particular focus on governmental customers in Saudi Arabia. STC Specialized will focus on managing local relationships and providing pre and post-sale customer service, education and support, while DroneShield will supply its drone detection and mitigation products.
For clarity, the MOU is not a commitment to purchase or supply such number of units of the products, and the MOU is non-binding except as to certain procedural aspects of it. If the STC Specialized/DroneShield relationship proceeds to the supply of the products, it will be the subject of separate definitive documentation at a later day (and will require certain United States governmental approvals).
DroneShield’s Chief Executive Officer Oleg Vornik commented, “STC Specialized is a world class partner with deep access and technical capability in the region. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the broader Middle East are a market with a substantial need for our products, and we look forward to capitalizing on that demand, while STC Specialized achieves its broader economic and technological objectives in the Kingdom.”
STC Specialized’s Chief Executive Officer Waleed Mutter commented, “We have partnered with DroneShield after a careful review and consideration of the counter-drone market. We look forward to working on our strategic objectives with DroneShield, while helping protect the Kingdom and its allies from aerial threats.”


Unlocking opportunities from above: Zain Drone services launched in Kuwait

• Bader Al-Kharafi: “The disruptive power of drone solutions will bolster efficiency for many businesses and government entities across the MENA region” 
• Zain Drone-as-a-Service offers a wide-ranging fleet of world renowned drones and applications for gathering precision data and a multitude of use cases 
• Artificial Intelligence-enabled autonomous systems and Anti-Drone services also provided

Click here to view an 88 sec video on Zain Drone

Dubai, Kuwait City - October 15, 2018

Zain Group, the leading mobile telecom operator in eight markets across the Middle East and Africa, announced the launch of its pioneering Zain Drone service in Kuwait, with the plan to expand its operation to other markets across the Zain footprint in due course. The launch was announced at a showcasing ceremony held in the Zain booth on the second day of GITEX Exhibition and Technology week held in Dubai, attended by Zain Group and Zain Kuwait executive management, many distinguished Kuwaiti ministry officials and economic identities as well as Kuwait and regional media.   

Zain Drone as-a-Service (DaaS) is set to unlock opportunities in various industries to fast-track growth and exploit the Internet of Things (IoT) in an efficient, safer and faster way.  It will offer state-of-the art bespoke drone solutions and provide advanced analytics for governments and businesses.

Zain Drone will offer multiple solutions across core industries such as Oil and Gas (Flare Inspections), Utilities (Power Line Inspections), Construction (BIM), Infrastructure (Asset Inspections), Security, Real Estate, Telecom Infrastructure, Agriculture and other similar type industries. The service will facilitate the gathering of image data concerning work advancement through measurement of key parameters, assessing image data to evaluated compliance with original designs, and performing automated stock-taking along with reducing accidents and human errors.   

Zain has created a corporate entity to focus on the delivery of the drone-powered solutions, building upon its pioneering position in digital innovation across all markets in which it operates. Zain Drone is investing heavily to build the required capabilities in drone operations and is positioning itself to become the leading strategic partner in the fast-developing markets for unmanned data acquisition.

Zain Group Vice-Chairman and CEO, Bader Al-Kharafi commented, “The disruptive power of drone solutions will bolster efficiency for many businesses and government entities across the MENA region. This technology is maturing and growing exponentially across Europe and US, and we are confident that the MENA region will embrace drone powered solutions.”

Al-Kharafi added, “As a leading innovator we shall continue to invest heavily in Zain Drone services, positioning ourselves favorably to maximize the many valuable opportunities in the area, while at the same time fulfilling our digital transformation strategy of offering unique and business enhancing services.”

Zain enjoys solid in-house expertise in drone technology, drawing from international experts, and enjoys unparalleled knowledge of the enterprise market in Kuwait and across the region. Given Zain’s long history in the region, the company also possesses solid relationships with government entities, having deep experience in collecting, transferring, storing and processing huge quantities of data in a reliable and trusted manner.

Furthermore, Zain has the distinct advantage of offering reliable connectivity with an extensive network of towers across its regional footprint (22,000+), and enjoys vast experience in cloud infrastructure, system integration and data analytics.

With its range of complementary services and integrated reporting leveraging data from drone, Zain Drone will be able to offer additional services including unified communications, fleet management, control rooms, and managed services.

Additional use cases for Zain Drone -as-a—Service also exist in drone border security, offering aerial control over state borders by providing high-resolution image data from high-altitude fixed-wing drones. Sensors providing visual and thermal video footage for traffic and event identification can also be implemented. Zain Drone has application in mass control environments and emergency situations, as well as in media services with respect to live and high-resolution streaming.

Zain Drone will also offer Artificial Intelligence-enabled autonomous drone systems that will improve business decisions with its access to high accuracy data, while reducing manpower costs by requiring minimal human interaction. AI drones are capable of self-diagnostics, self-charging, and autonomous navigation utilizing a set of sophisticated sensors and high accuracy data.

Another application powered by Zain Drone will be a suite of Anti-Drone solutions to assist governments and security forces to identify and passively monitor unauthorized drones that threaten safety, security and privacy. This is achieved by using a combination of proprietary multi-sensor detection technologies, an enterprise-grade network, real-time alerts and the collection of digital evidence.

The power of Drones in quick deployment and capturing precision data at various altitudes is extremely beneficial for business planning and decision making. Drones are simply faster, more reliable and cost efficient. For more, please visit