Oppo Redmi HiSense RealMe Vivo 650On January 7, 2021, six major brands were selling decent 5G phones on jd.com for $201-$262. During special sales, including 11/11, some models fell in price to 999 yuan, now $154. 

All six are ~6.5" and have 3 or 4 rear cameras. They are from Oppo, Xiaomi/Redmi, Hisense, Vivo, Honor, and Realme. Three of them have 48 megapixel main cameras. The Vivo has a 120 Hz refresh rate.  

These prices are moving West, virtually guaranteeing explosive growth in sales of 5G phones. The new TCL 20 5G device will be launched in Italy for € 30020 5G device will be launched in Italy for € 300.

For what's coming here in the States, see $300 5G OnePlus Nord N10 T-Mobile. The 5G explosion moves west.