UNISOC T7510 230The new 1388 yuan (US$199) Coolpad X10 5G is shipping with the Tiger T7510 processor from Ziguang Zhanrui, a division of Unigroup. It will be featured by China Telecom. Previous 5G phones have gone on holiday sale below $200 but the lowest regular price was 1498 yuan ($215.) 

Ziguang Zhanrui announced the chip last year. It's apparently made on TSMC's 12 nm process, significantly cheaper than the 7 nm used for most 5G chips. It presumably sacrifices some performance but should be fine for everyday use. 

SMIC in China is spending $billions for additional 12 nm capacity, so the chip could be produced in China in the near future. SMIC will be able to produce some 7 nm chips with DUV lithography, probably by the middle of 2021. As long as the U.S. prevents delivery of the Dutch ASML EUV machine, SMIC and other Chinese fabs will still be behind.

China has a crash project to make its own EUV gear. The common wisdom is it would take a miracle to catch up in less than 5-10 years. China has delivered many miracles in the last decade.


Coolpad was a very successful phonemaker in 3G and early 4G but fell behind. The phone is 6.5" inches, has three rear cameras, and a 4600 mAh battery. 

Coolpad launches new machine X10, triggering a thousand yuan 5G mobile phone boom

At 3 pm on August 12, 2020, Coolpad Group, together with Tianyi Telecom Terminal and Unigroup Zhanrui, held a strategic cooperation online press conference and launched Coolpad's first thousand-yuan 5G mobile phone-coolpad X10.Liang Rui, CEO of Coolpad Group, delivered a speech

With the theme of “5G for all people, faster and cooler”, Liang Rui, CEO of Coolpad Group, gave an opening speech and explained Coolpad’s original intentions and ideas for the 5G mobile phone market. At the same time, he introduced the business layout of Coolpad’s return to China; Tianyi Telecom’s terminal deputy General Manager Chen Li and Ziguang Zhanrui Executive Vice President Zhou Chen attended the press conference and conducted strategic cooperation and joint product release with Coolpad.

At the press conference, Liang Rui , CEO of Coolpad Group, gave a speech reviewing the history of close cooperation with China Telecom in launching multiple milestone products in the 3G and 4G era, and in-depth interpretation of Coolpad's new strategic layout around the return of 5G to China. Liang Rui said: "Coolpad has returned to the domestic market, relying on years of accumulated technological advantages to return to the domestic market, focusing on smart terminal products in subdivisions with competitive advantages. Coolpad has used its own R&D, patent advantages, and the corporate spirit of not reluctant to lose out and try hard. Focusing on 5G technology, we have created a business layout covering diversified products such as pan-smart terminals, industrial Internet, and smart cities, and strive to bring customers cost-effective and differentiated products and services."

Regarding the cooperation with Tianyi Telecom Terminal and Unigroup Zhanrui, Liang Rui said: “Today we have joined forces with the three parties and made full use of our respective advantages to launch Coolpad’s first thousand-yuan 5G mobile phone. What we released is not only a mobile phone, but also A kind of service is a kind of going all out to share technological progress for consumers, "technology makes life better, 5G makes life more exciting" feelings, Coolpad hopes that consumers can get 5G intelligence with a more affordable price. Cell phone."

Chen Li, deputy general manager of Tianyi Telecom's terminal, pointed out at the press conference that "coolpad X10 is a super cost-effective 5G mobile phone for the whole people jointly created by our three parties, allowing users to enjoy China Telecom's best 5G network." Chen Li also expressed that he looks forward to establishing closer cooperative relations with industry-leading companies such as Coolpad and Unigroup Zhanrui, so as to jointly provide users with more high-quality products and services.

Zhou Chen, Executive Vice President of Unigroup Zhanrui and Head of Consumer Electronics Division, said, "We are very happy to cooperate with China Telecom and Coolpad to launch this thousand-yuan 5G mobile phone. Its built-in Tiger Ben T7510 integrates a number of advanced technologies. It has outstanding advantages in terms of computing power, multimedia, etc. Ziguang Zhanrui will quickly promote the popularization of these cutting-edge technologies, make the people's 5G, and let more consumers enjoy the beautiful life brought by technology."

In the product release link, Cao Jingsheng , senior vice president of Coolpad Group, introduced Coolpad’s advantages and technology accumulation in the mobile phone field. For example, it has won the highest awards in the mobile phone field-the second prize of scientific and technological progress and the special prize for its "dual card dual standby". ; Coolpad’s global patented three-stroke positioning technology keeps the speed of finding contacts in the lead among various technologies.

Speaking of the coolpad X10 released this time, Cao Jingsheng, senior vice president of Coolpad Group, summarized several highlights:

Ziguang Zhanrui AI smart 5G chip:

Equipped with Ziguang Zhanrui AI smart 5G chip-Huben T7510 supports SA&NSA dual-module network mode, covering 5G mainstream frequency bands and 4G full Netcom, adopting HD voice EVS over 5G NR technology, 2T4R transmission technology, Wi-Fi MIMO dual antenna technology ; Support fingerprint and face security dual unlock mode, and support smart applications such as one-handed operation, three-finger screenshot, and smart three-pen positioning;Ziguang Zhanrui AI Smart 5G Chip

Configuration mainstream and practical:

6.517-inch high-definition water drop screen, 19.5:9 water drop screen, 93.07% screen-to-body ratio, colorful 3D curved glass body, glass back shell;

Adopt 13 million front + rear three cameras: front 13 million high-definition camera, support Meipai technology; rear 21 million pixel main camera, with 5 million intelligent blur to capture the subject and 2 million intelligent imaging lens, with high-sensitivity color temperature Flash, equipped with enhanced camera optimization technology, support for super night scene shooting, self-developed multi-frame noise reduction technology, support EIS video anti-shake, record video more clearly;

The 4600mAh large battery has a long battery life, uses PC-level liquid cooling technology, and adopts a self-developed AI power management system to optimize power consumption by more than 20%.

Coolpad original patented technology-three positioning

After the product introduction, Cao Jingsheng, senior vice president of Coolpad Group, specially introduced the current quality system of Coolpad. Coolpad guarantees product quality through an independent quality testing system and a large number of laboratory tests. Due to the guarantee of high quality, Coolpad has frequently been recognized by 

This time, Coolpad X10 is also the "Sincere Work" in the 5G era launched by Coolpad after years of launching the "Thousand Yuan Phone" in the 3G and 4G eras with China Telecom. A 5G mobile phone that everyone can afford". With the gradual improvement of 5G networks and the need for consumption upgrades, more and more thousand-yuan 5G mobile phones mean that the entry barrier for 5G is gradually decreasing. In addition to the high-priced 5G mobile phones of major brands, consumers have A more cost-effective choice makes it easier to enjoy the high-speed experience brought by 5G.

The launch price of the coolpad X10 was announced at the press conference: it is divided into 4+128G and 6+128G versions, and the prices are 1388 yuan/1588 yuan respectively. Within the pre-determined period, you will be able to buy the experience at the official flagship store of Jingdong Coolpad, Telecom 189 Palm Hall, Telecom Tmall flagship store, Tianyiyi Tianxia flagship store and other channels at a price of 1388 yuan. In addition, with the strategic cooperation with Tianyi Telecom’s terminal this time, consumers can also purchase and experience the Coolpad X10 in more than 10,000 stores across the country, and they can also have the opportunity to experience this phone at a lower cost or "zero yuan" through telecom discount packages. .

The release of Coolpad X10 shows the sincerity and determination of Coolpad to return to the domestic market and make efforts in the 5G era, and it is expected to become a new generation of 5G "national machine".