Josh Builta of IHS Markit could be right

"Within the next few years, prices will fall to between the $700 to $800 range."

I added the question mark because the Chinese price for good 5G phones is already down to US$536. China Mobile and others expect 2020 prices under $300. It would be very surprising if US prices did not come down further and faster than Builla predicts.

Perhaps the US carriers will find a way to keep prices high, I hope not. 

From Bonilta:



Nearly everyone expects to pay more money for 5G smartphones—but the cost of the initial wave of phones is dramatically exceeding expectations, with the price premium as much as 29 times higher than many consumers anticipate, according to a new IHS Markit survey examining consumer perceptions regarding the technology.

A total of 91 percent of survey respondents said they expect to pay more for 5G devices compared to existing 4G LTE smartphones. Three quarters of respondents stated they foresee paying an additional 10 to 25 percent for a 5G-capable phone. With the average sales price (ASP) of a smartphone amounting to $319 in 2019, a 10 percent hike in pricing would add $32 to the cost, while a 25 percent increase would boost it by $80.

However, the actual pricing of the first wave of 5G phones is far higher. For instance, Samsung’s S10 5G phone is retail priced at $1,300, a 335 percent premium compared to the $388 average for the company's existing 4G smartphone models. In dollar terms, this would represent a $912 increase in price, an order of magnitude higher than consumers’ expectations.

It should be noted that this comparison is of a flagship smartphone price against an industry ASP. In another example, the Huawei Mate 20 X 5G smartphone carries a retail price of $1,200, a more than 400 percent premium compared to $295 for the company’s 4G models.

“The 5G market is primed for massive growth,"