von 3Bill Smith told me what it took to recover from Hurricane Katrina as CTO of BellSouth. In 2004, John Chapman explained how cable would get to a gigabit. (Almost no one believed him.) Jef Raskin explained why he created the Macintosh and what he did wrong. He did sessions in Second Life, now being refashioned as "The Metaverse."

The most original minds in telecom argued long into the night about how to create the future. Years before the rest of us, Jeff realized the giants were going to take over, innovation would slow, and conferences about telecom futures had less of a place. Since then, he invested early in Twitter and created the 140 Character Conference. He was a pioneer of NFTs but now sees them as overhyped. 

When we programmed Pulver conferences, the mandate was clear: find the best and most interesting speakers, whether or not they would buy a  sponsorship. We all know how the many pay-to-play events are dominated by boring sales pitches.   

Tickets are a few hundred.  Jeff has always been generous with those who can't pay, including those out of work.

From Jeff

As 2021 is coming to an end, I am looking forward to hosting The VON3 Summit next month, taking place virtually on Zoom January 24th to 26th.

I have been busy these past few weeks curating the upcoming event.  

As a reminder, we will be exploring the Future of Communications in a Web3 World at The VON3 Summit. Along the way we will be exploring a number of related topics and fields.

Some of the people who speaking at The VON3 Summit include:  Yossi Vardi, Steve Greenberg, Kevin Werbach, Dennis Crowley, Chris Brogan, Paul Levitz, Chris Fine, Jon Arnold, Monty Sharma, Glenn Richards, Sam Glassenberg, Dmitry Shapiro, Keith Sipro, Jeremiah Owyang, Nir Simionovich, Oz Sultan, Alec Lazarescu, David Berkowitz, David Chen and Heidi Rome.  

Each conference day will run from 11 AM to 3:30 PM (Eastern).  On January 24th the pre-conference will cover Web3 Basics. The event schedule will be shared in about a week. 

If you are interested in learning more about how the advent of Web3 will affect your business in 2022, now would be a great time to put aside the time in January and make the commitment to join The VON3 Summit Community.  Early Bird tickets are available for sale. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-von3-summit-tickets-203531938507?ref=eios 

Best wishes to you for 2022.

Warm regards, Jeff