The new coronavirus is already one of the worst infections of our lifetime. Let us hope and pray the massive containment effort is effective. Most of China is on lock down this week and next, with preparations underway in case six more weeks are required. Update Feb 2 NY Times estimates actual cases are over 100,000, with official counts only reflecting severe cases seeking medical attention.

One of the least significant problems of the virus is the effect on our industry. The iPhone and nearly all other phones (except Samsung) are mostly produced in China. Two weeks of production and store closings can be recovered. Six weeks more is could have a severe impact.

Skyworks, which supplies radio frequency parts to nearly every phone manufacturer, just said

To date, we've seen no material impact in our supply chain or with demand signals. However, the situation is evolving. So we've reflected some added risk, as I mentioned, to our March guide, including, as you'll notice, a wider range of outcomes. So to your question, likewise, we're thinking about potential effects into the June quarter. And even though our channels are lean, we are concerned about how this plays out because we just don't know. (Emphasis added.)

 I reported AIDs for two years at the height of the epidemic. So far, the new coronavirus is not at that level.  

But I'm scared.