Greater Bay Area Edge 230China Unicom is rapidly building an Edge Network covering 71 million people in the Greater Bay Area. It services Guangzhao, Shenzen, Dongguan, and apparently Hong Kong. Unicom is deploying thousands of Edge nodes across the country in 2020, supporting the 230,000 5G cells it will build with China Telecom before the end of the year. No other carrier in the world has revealed an actual network like this, covering more people than live in France or England.

Minister Miao Wei in 2017 set a goal to move the edge closer to over a billion Chinese. (I think I was the first to report that in English,) In 2019, Miao told the telcos to "accelerate 5G." 2020 was originally planned as a testing year, but Unicom also open MEC centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Tianjin, Zhejiang, Fujian, and Jilin. 

Huawei, Intel, ZTE, and giant Inspur are providing equipment. Tencent, Country Garden, and Gree are the announced partners and nearly 100 other projects are testing.

The first announcement didn't provide details of performance, locations, number of servers, costs, or what services are first deployed. If it has several dozen sites live, each will serve about a million subscribers. Guangzhou, Shenzen, and Dongguan would have multiple servers, probably 3-4 servers away from the towers or fiber OLTs. Latencies would be 10-25 ms. But that's a guess. 

China Mobile has several announcements about its Edge network, but no details about deployment. CM has almost a billion IoT accounts, 30 or 40 times as many as any other carrier. I'm sure it will have a large Edge deployment soon, probably the largest in the world.

(Much of this data is from, a site I check every day and can recommend. Errors are mine.)