Robin Mersh 230

Robin Mersh has been central to the industry as head of the Forum since it was still the DSL Forum. He's now moved on to be SVP Sales for Virtuosi at QxP. 

Ken Ko is the new Managing Director. He was for many years a senior engineer at Adtran and Paradyme.

Dozens throughout the industry have commented on the change.

Tom Starr, for many years Chair of the Forum and ITU-T WP1/15 Chair

"Four Billion thanks to you Robin, for leading the BBF's effort to build the broadband network. The four billion people connected to the internet are benefiting from the BBF's help in making the internet better and connected to more people. Thank you and best wishes."

Don Clarke, lead engineer for many years at CableLabs and BT

The BBF was instrumental in the genesis of the broadband era. Great job Robin and wishing you well in your new endeavor. And above all, have fun!

Mauro Tilocca

Thanks, Robin for the great memories and industry-changing achievements. And a toast, what else, to many more to come. Yes, please stay connected there's a wealth of broadband technologies we collectively made available for that.

Steven Wright

Robin, Thank you for all your efforts at the BBF! You have helped shepherd along a host of innovations in access infrastructure and practices that helped many gains their first access to the internet. Best wishes for your next chapter - perhaps I'll see you around town or around the world , again some time

Sultan Dawood

Happy New Year Robin. A surprising read and congratulations on your new adventure. You have made such significant contributions to helping the Broadband Forum achieve what it has and your leadership has been instrumental. It has always been a pleasure working with you. Thank you

Kevin Foster, senior engineer at BT, writes

It was great working with you at the BBF and thank you for all your achievements in making broadband such a vital technology that has had a profound impact on our lives. All the very best for the future.

Richard Strike of ADVA Optical Networking added

It was a real privilege to attend those few BBF mtgs I made it to. I was so struck by the enthusiasm to welcome in new. members/attendees throughout the whole of BBF and I think much of that came from your open and inclusive style Robin. Thank you and good luck in pharma!