Black South 230DC pols and uninformed reporters claim the U.S. has a major problem of broadband "unserved." Actually, the best available figure is that all but 5% were covered in 2019, At least half of the remainder are funded for fiber under RDOF. There aren't many "unserved" to reach and the White House is lying about the extent of the problem. 

But a study by Dominique Harrison of the Joint Center convinced me to look closely at select areas. She estimated that 26% of those in the Black Rural South have no decent connection choices.  

37% of rural homes in Arkansas were unserved (25/3) in 2019, per the FCC. So were 35% of Louisiana rural homes and 27% of Alabama. Non-Sothern rural areas were 91% covered.

The numbers confirm that digital redlining is a reality.