Unlike Canada, Holland and England, telcos falling behind. Overall growth continues at about 2%/year. Some of those without broadband are signing on. There's a surprisingly modest loss to "wireless only" broadband despite speeds of 5-15 megabits and going up. AT&T lost 136,000 broadband customers while Time Warner Cable added 189,000. Both AT&T and Verizon showed large gains where they've upgraded (U-Verse, FiOS) and large losses where they haven't. 

Saul Hansell in NY Times got this one right: AT&T & Verizon and Verizon put much of their network into "harvest mode," back in 2004-5 with the intent of milking those lines and/or selling them.

About a third of their network has 10-15 year old ADSL at speeds of 3-15 megabits. Meanwhile, they've doubled the prices of the cheapest offerings ($15-20 has become $35-50) and increased the higher speed prices. Standard cable in the U.S. is now 50 meg down. 

From Leichtman Research, which has proven reliable over the years. 


Broadband Internet Subscribers at End 
of 2Q 2015
Net Adds in 
2Q 2015
Cable Companies
Comcast 22,548,000 179,000
Time Warner Cable 12,770,000 189,000
Charter 5,294,000 86,000
Cablevision 2,781,000 14,000
Suddenlink 1,180,800 (2,800)
Mediacom 1,051,000 10,000
WOW (WideOpenWest) 713,100 (8,900)
Cable ONE 497,036 457
Other Major Private Cable Companies* 6,640,000 45,000
Total Top Cable 53,474,936 511,757
Telephone Companies
AT&T 15,961,000 (136,000)
Verizon 9,221,000 (25,000)
CenturyLink 6,108,000 (9,000)
Frontier^ 2,388,500 29,000
Windstream 1,120,800 (11,600)
FairPoint 317,100 (1,278)
Cincinnati Bell 275,100 2,400
Total Top Telephone Companies 35,391,500 (151,478)
Total Broadband 88,866,436 360,279



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Manoj Sinha announced that 300,000 Indian villages have been connected by fiber and BharatNet is on target for 325,000 more early in 2019. This is by far the largest rural broadband project in history. Bids are out for 500,000 Wi-Fi hotspots and 130.000 post offices will connect. The telcos are offered low prices to bring in LTE and fiber home. Programs are underway for > 100,000 local business to offer connectivity.  

Ajit Pai risked his career by challenging Trump's immigration policy. "My love and reverence for this country comes from living in the house of Raj and Radha Pai. My parents know a little something about the American Dream. They came to this country 46 years ago with literally no assets other than $10, a transistor radio, and a desire to achieve that dream." I never imagined America would plan to deport four million people. 

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