Chna-Fiber120M Chinese have fiber home connections, more than the entire rest of the world. That's actual connections (including businesses), not availability or homes passed. When I first saw that figure in Google translation from the Chinese, I thought it a program problem. But now the authoritative Point-Topic data confirms it. P-T counts 213M Chinese connected at the beginning of this year, a number confirmed by financial filings and government data.

The Chinese government decided a few years ago that a faster Internet was good for the country. They made it so, with the cooperation of government-controlled carriers.

 China Telecom has 115M broadband subs, China Netcom 72M, (company data) dwarfing other carriers worldwide. The growth in 2015 was 6.5% (P-T), a far drop from the 15-20% growth of 2010-2012 but fastest among the top ten broadband countries. The growth seems to be slowing as 4G becomes near-ubiquitous at attractive prices. 4G ARPU at China Telecom is about $12. China Mobile added 25M 4G subscriptions in February, 2016

Since 2012, the number of pure DSL lines dropped from 108M to 11M. Some pure DSL was replaced with hybrid fiber/DSL, but most were migrated to fiber. The pure DSL drop in 2015 was an astonishing 48M. That was enough to produce a 19% drop in pure copper DSL lines worldwide.

Update 5/8 From Chris Lane, I've learned there are 18M cable modem lines in China, Lane confirmed the ~$7 for the slowest service, which Phil McKinney of Cablelabs told me in a radio interview. 30 meg is ~$14, 100 meg $21. Another datapoint that the U.S. can deliver broadband for the poor at $9.25.

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Manoj Sinha announced that 300,000 Indian villages have been connected by fiber and BharatNet is on target for 325,000 more early in 2019. This is by far the largest rural broadband project in history. Bids are out for 500,000 Wi-Fi hotspots and 130.000 post offices will connect. The telcos are offered low prices to bring in LTE and fiber home. Programs are underway for > 100,000 local business to offer connectivity.  

Ajit Pai risked his career by challenging Trump's immigration policy. "My love and reverence for this country comes from living in the house of Raj and Radha Pai. My parents know a little something about the American Dream. They came to this country 46 years ago with literally no assets other than $10, a transistor radio, and a desire to achieve that dream." I never imagined America would plan to deport four million people. 

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