Top 10 Q1 2016China is now 1/3rd of the broadband Internet. Over 240M are now connected by fiber home. The 3M added by CM in June was more than the entire rest of the world. It surpassed the previously monthly record, 2.65M at CM in March. China Telecom added 590,000, China Unicom 250,000, and China Mobile 3,189,000, for a total net gain over 4M.  

China Telecom's landline broadband total is 118M, Unicom 74M and Mobile 66M. Add about 20M for the smaller operators and the total is 278M. That's more than the EU 28 (166M) combined with the U.S. (103M). Nearly all are on fiber home or fiber/DSL. In two years, almost 100M have shifted from pure DSL to fiber.

LTE in China in July reached 600M LTE subscriptions.

End of June, China Mobile had 428M LTE subscriptions, China Telecom 90M, and China Unicom 72M. Adding 2G and 3G subscriptions, China has more than a billion mobiles. If current growth continues, China will have over 800M LTE subscriptions at the end of the year. (larger image below) 

The Chinese networks are built to handle this volume. China Mobile has 1,000,000 cell sites with another 100,000 on the way. The towers of the three companies are being combined into one company, planning an IPO in 2017. See China tower sharing: One network to rule them all 

By 2018, half the Internet will be Asian.

China figures from the company websites, others from the excellent Point-Topic service. 

Bein Perez was the first to report the June figures in English.

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Angelina Jolie, Ashley Judd and dozens of others have exposed Harvey Weinstein. Every industry, including ours, has monsters like that, rarely stopped.
    I choose instead to highlight some women who are driving us forward. Nicola Palmer and Sanyogita Sangupta lead Verizon’s 5G effort, the most successful in the world. They will spend $billions and have already put hundreds of cells in the field  
     Verizon jumped ahead when almost all others held back. Charla Rath persuaded the FCC to offer gigahertz of mmWave spectrum three years before the official WRC plan. They supported the NYU work to make a more accurate channel model.
     With allies, VZ created their own 5G standard in 2015 because they didn’t want to wait for 3GPP.  The system commercial in 2018 and will do mobile in 2019 if the handsets are ready.  
     “The race is on” between Verizon and AT&T to be first in each market.10%-20% of people almost everywhere hate their broadband provider and likely to switch to mmWave. The U.S. build is going fast because the two giants expect to find a large market replacing landlines outside of their existing region.
     If they are first in a land grab.

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