In large volume, 2/10ths to 5/10ths a cent. That suggests large ISPs pay something less than a penny per gigabyte. If you use 139 gigabytes/month, that costs your provider something like $1/month. (Doubling transit costs gives you a rough estimate of the cost to the carrier, which also has to carry the bits to your local exchange.)

Akamai recently bid "$0.002 per GB delivered," according to Dan Rayburn, a streaming media expert I trust. Dan notes that's the lowest price he's ever seen for a content delivery deal, and other recent bids have been as high as half a cent. Prices have been driven down by large customers, including Apple, doing their own content carriage. Amazon is in the game today as well.

Hurricane Electric is advertising Internet transit at dozens of locations for $0.20/Mbps, which works out to a similar price.

The HE price requires a five year contract, so in effect is a forward price. The same probably applies to the Akamai pricing. 

Small and rural carriers often pay much more, sometimes 20X higher. Those facing cartels also have higher costs. Most African ISPS, except the largest, face a cartel on backhaul and transit. (They also often face high national costs.) Akamai faces cartels that raise terminating charges in China and Australia.


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Manoj Sinha announced that 300,000 Indian villages have been connected by fiber and BharatNet is on target for 325,000 more early in 2019. This is by far the largest rural broadband project in history. Bids are out for 500,000 Wi-Fi hotspots and 130.000 post offices will connect. The telcos are offered low prices to bring in LTE and fiber home. Programs are underway for > 100,000 local business to offer connectivity.  

Ajit Pai risked his career by challenging Trump's immigration policy. "My love and reverence for this country comes from living in the house of Raj and Radha Pai. My parents know a little something about the American Dream. They came to this country 46 years ago with literally no assets other than $10, a transistor radio, and a desire to achieve that dream." I never imagined America would plan to deport four million people. 

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