Salt 10 Gig 53Xavier Niel's Salt is offering 10 gigabits to 1.3M Swiss homes for 50 Swiss francs, less than Verizon wants for 50 megabits. Salt includes an Apple 4K TV in lieu of a set-top, 300 TV channels, and unlimited. He will probably bring similar to other companies he owns: Free in France & Italy, Eir, and Singapore. 

His 30 euro triple play in France changed everything in Europe and made Xavi a multi-billionaire. Now, many of those lines are gigabit fiber.  He makes more money per customer on the 10 gig for 50 Swiss francs

The numbers suggest any large company with competition should be going for 10 gig rather than 1 gig GPON. 

10 gig probably costs Salt $4-7/month more than GPON over several years, covering additional bandwidth and the cost of the equipment. They will be building 100's of thousands and ultimately millions, keeping the cost low. Alfredo Häberl has designed a gorgeous fiber gateway for them while they engineered the electronics in-house. They buy enough equipment they go right to the component source and get remarkable prices.

50 meg is plenty for two 4K TVs and a household surfing. Industry experience is that even a large speed increase produces a very modest increase in downstream bandwidth used.  When you have more speed, you don't watch that much more Netflix, get more email, or do anything else that scales like the speed. A typical scenario would be 30% greater bandwidth demand.

Xavi told me a while back his marginal cost of delivering the bits is about $1/month. (He buys well.). 30% more would be dimes. He buys dark fiber for his backhaul, inexpensive to increase in capacity. I know Xavi believes in provisioning his network for the future,  so he probably has plenty of capacity in place already. Salt has 4G to 98% of the country, despite the Alps. That provides them much of the backhaul fiber. In turn, the new fiber network will be helpful as he expands the wireless.

Designer Alfredo Häberli with Salt Fiber Box 230Apple probably gave him a great price on the Apple TV box. They are in a fierce fight with Google, Amazon and others to control your TV.

The Swiss electric companies, munis, and others have been building out the fiber to the home, assuming someone like Xavi would come along and put it to use. They expect to soon reach the majority of Swiss homes soon, over 2M.

 AT&T, Bell Canada, and others building fiber to the home with a cable competitor should also go 10 gig, but they don't have Xavi's vision.

Here's the  pr:

Salt ready to conquer the Swiss fixed net market with its revolutionary Fiber Box •

March 20, 2018

Today, the revelation of Salt Fiber heralds a new era for consumers in Switzerland. Salt’s aim is to provide its customers with the full range of telecommunication services thanks to Switzerland’s most innovative and efficient triple play offer consisting of a combination of a unique 10 Gbit/s ultra-fast broadband technology, Apple 4K TV and telephony services. Salt Fiber is available in all Salt Stores and on as of today – Tuesday, 20 March 2018.

Thanks to a single straightforward product formula, Salt Fiber is not only Switzerland’s most technologically advanced triple play offer but also the most transparent and easy to understand telecommunications suite comprising voice, television and broadband Internet services.

For Salt mobile customers, it is available at an incredible price of CHF 39.95/month and after the payment of a one off activation fee of CHF 99.95 payable upon placement of the order.

Andreas Schönenberger, CEO Salt Mobile said: « Salt Fiber is clearly the most attractive triple play product on offer in Switzerland. While giving access to a 10 Gbit/s technology and more than 300 TV channels, it has also by far the most attractively priced offer in the country. I am so proud that Salt is revolutionizing the Swiss market thanks to this extraordinary offer. »

Salt reinvents TV with partners Zattoo & Hollystar

Salt has strengthened its existing partnership with Zattoo to invent the future of TV and integrate Apple TV 4k’s smartest features in Salt’s dedicated application: Salt TV.

Salt TV contains all of Salt’s live television offer and will provide customers with access to more than 300 TV channels of which 150 in high definition (HD) and some channels already available in 4K resolution. They will notably be organised in a German-speaking bundle with more than 30 TV channels for the entire family, a French-speaking bundle with 35 TV channels as well as access to Canal+’s myCanal application, an Italian-speaking bundle and an international bundle. Thanks to a key partnership with Canal+, a very high number of premium channels will be included in Salt’s basic offer.

Salt’s high quality video on demand (VOD) offer, available through Salt’s second dedicated app on Apple TV 4K called Salt Video, is powered by Hollystar and was developed in collaboration with Sky. It essentially builds on the company’s streaming services Sky Sport and Sky Show which provide access to a myriad of sport events as well as a video library of more than 10’000 films, documentaries and series, including exclusive US TV series available 48 hours after their initial broadcast. The format of viewed content adapts automatically to customer’s devices and screens: TV, computer, tablet and smartphone. New content will be added on a weekly basis.

Salt Fiber customers to receive Apple TV 4K as exclusive set-top bix

Salt today announced it will offer Apple TV 4K as its exclusive set-top box for customers who sign up for the Salt Fiber service, Salt’s revolutionary triple play offer that includes voice, Fiber Internet, and television service. Apple TV 4K will enable Salt Fiber customers to seamlessly access Salt’s live and video on demand (VOD) services.

Salt’s triple play customers will be able to enjoy all of the incredible features of Apple TV 4K, which delivers a stunning cinematic experience at home. With support for both 4K and High Dynamic Range (HDR), Apple TV 4K is built on the ground-breaking A10X Fusion chip — the same chip that powers iPad Pro — and features unbelievably sharp, crisp images, richer, more true-to-life colours, and far greater detail in both dark and bright scenes. The App Store on Apple TV has revolutionised the experience in the living room with thousands of apps across categories such as entertainment, sports, news, fitness, education, kids, lifestyle and more.

Thanks to the automatic installation process of the Salt app, customers of Salt’s new triple play offer can easily access Salt’s entertainment offerings on Apple TV 4K. The full integration of Salt’s TV and VOD services as dedicated Apple TV apps, alongside the thousands of apps in the Apple TV App Store, effectively frees customers from the need to buy, install and configure any additional devices, bringing the start of a simpler and smarter way of enjoying entertainment services in one’s home.

10 Gbit/s technology!

The CE-certified and eco-designed Salt Fiber Box which is based on optical fiber technology (FTTH) and was fully developed by Salt’s technical teams in Switzerland is pushing forward the boundaries of data transmission in Switzerland and beyond. It delivers cutting-edge symmetrical 10 Gbit/s technology by means of a 10 Gbit LAN port - a total world novelty.

To reach such bandwidth the Salt Fiber Box is equipped with the most powerful 1.5 GHz quad core processor. Salt’s novel router also acts as a next generation media gateway thanks to super-fast DDR 32-bit memory, two USB 3.0 (5Gbit/s) ports, a 10 Gbit/s Ethernet interface and four independent Gigabit ports. The most advanced WLAN (WiFi) technology based on dual-band 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz and multiple antenna (MIMO 4X4) will catapult Salt customers into a whole new dimension in terms of WiFi speed, which can reach an astonishing 2,2 Gbit/s.

The Salt fiber box by Alfredo Haeberli

At a launch event in Bern, Salt today unveiled its eagerly anticipated Salt Fiber Box available to all customers residing in Switzerland and whose home is connected with the optical fiber technology also known as fibre to the home (FTTH).

Salt Fiber Box comes in a modular and fresh design – breaking with the industry’s dull and emotionless past. It was imagined, created and designed in Zurich by famous Swiss industrial designer Alfredo Häberli, who was born in Buenos Aires, graduated from Zurich’s Höhere Schule für Gestaltung in 1991 and whose brilliant career so far culminated in the award of the prestigious Swiss Grand Prix of Design from the Swiss Federal Office of Culture in 2014.

Salt enters fixed business with its Salt Fiber Box

Today, Salt is proud to open the next chapter of its commercial development and to announce its market entry in the Swiss fixed-line business. Thanks to dedicated partnerships with national and regional infrastructure suppliers, Salt is evolving from a mobile-only operator to offering the full suite of telecommunication services in Switzerland, including revolutionary triple-play based on ultra-fast broadband technology.

Right from start, Salt’s offer will cover the full Swiss fiber footprint thanks to partnerships with Swiss Fiber Network (SFN), major cities and other agreements making all regions of the country eligible for it. Today, the Salt fiber network is available for inhabitants of more than 30 cities and regions in Switzerland. Further geographical extensions are planned in the coming months and years.