15 million Indians have put in reservations for Jio fibre. Starting Sept 5, Jio will be connecting millions of people. With 300,000 kilometres of fibre in place and 500,000 "trial" customers, deployments will begin in 1,500 cities. Jio will expand rapidly from there.

Prices begin at ~US$10 for 100 Mbps. Other offerings, including video services and much more, will be priced up to $150. Ambani promises that next year he will include Bollywood films on the same day they open in theatres.

Reliance Jio in three years has connected 340M Indians to 4G, more Internet subscribers than the US has people. Neither I nor many other people believe that possible. I'm no longer a doubter.

He's invested over $30 billion to build the network and reached (modest) profitability. Reliance sold 20% of its refining business to Saudi Aramco for $15 billion. Towers and fibre assets are likely to be sold for more cash. The funds are there to manage $billions in initial losses.

Jio bought several cable companies to have people on the ground for installations and an initial customer base. It has a massive retail presence that will help sales.

The Internet is no longer a Western lake.