2019 5G 230

In August 2019, I wrote Almost all 5G estimates for 2019-2020 need to be doubled. Figures for Korea and China were becoming available and were higher than expected. All the pundits were predicting fewer than 10 million phones in 2019. The numbers are now in. 

The 19 million figure is actually a little lower than I expected in October after the Chinese press reported 10 million reservations in October. It may be that people delayed actually buying phones until less expensive models, like the $285 Xiaomi, shipped in January. Alternately, some of the early announcements could have been inflated.

Korea was the first to deploy, pulling up Samsung's sales. As China started buying, Huawei pulled ahead. China is so large Huawei will soon be far ahead. Apple will come in in the fall, probably strong.

2020 estimates over 200 million were well supported but Corona could change that.