2020 January Situation Report: Extraordinary growth in Asia, very little in Europe. Prices of phones, radios, and service falling. Performance as engineers expected, disappointing to non-engineers. Millimetre wave < 10%, Few Edge servers. No new use cases generating volume sales.. 

150 million: China plans for 2020, on target so far

15 million: Korea 2020 plan. 30% of the population

85%: Koreans covered end of 2019

~10%: Chinese population covered, end of 2019

>400,000: China radios deployed, 2020. Reduced from 600-800,000. Possibly covering half the population


1-2: Countries in Europe or North America 10% covered, end of 2019

1-3: Countries in Europe or North America 5-10% covered

126,000: China radios deployed, December 2019

45,000: Radios in Shenzhen, 2020. Complete city covered

9: Companies shipping 5G phones. 3 others, including Apple, announced.

US$285: Price of decent Xiaomi 5G phone. Several others under $500. 

37: Telcos actually selling 5G. Several others claim commercial service. Dozens more by summer, 2020 

50-150 Mbps down: Speed of slow 5G, about the same as 4G per Verizon and AT&T

200 million: Offered slow 600 MHz 5G by T-Mobile US. Speeds lower than good 4G, maybe 20% higher than T-Mobile 4G in the same spectrum.