Hesse, founder of the NG-PON2 Forum, Broadband Forum Board of Directors Member, BASe Chairman and Senior Director of Standards Marketing and Thought Leadership for Calix, sat down at Calix ConneXions with us and provided a look from the beginning of NG-PON2 to the future. Video below

Vince O'Byrne of Verizon drove the project forward starting in 2014. Verizon had decided that 10 gigs would not be enough for their millimeter wave 5G. Tunable lasers, the key technology, were very expensive but the price was falling.

NG-PON2 uses four frequencies, (wavelengths, lambdas) each with 10 gigabits. Combining them yields 40 gigabits as transmitted, 36 gigabits net. 40 gigabits from the bonded wavelengths is still in the lab and soon will reach the field.

Going forward, using more wavelengths and higher speeds on each will yield 80 to 100 gigabits. Currently, standards groups are considering 8 wavelengths of 25 gigabits each. Research provides a  clear path to much higher speeds. 

Video by Jennie Bourne of Bourne Digital. http://bit.ly/BourneD


Bernd's comments in the video below provide even more insight.