LG Uplus in Korea sees 5G as a once in a decade chance to change market share. Will the earliest to build 5G gain market share in the West? 

Almost certainly, I believe, many people will switch if a different carrier is far ahead in 5G. I cannot prove it, but the enthusiasm among consumers is obvious both East and West. 2M Koreans signed up in 4 months; more than 2M is almost certain in August 2019, the first month in China. Hans Vestberg of Verizon reports people are buying 5G phones even in areas where there is no 5G service.

Britain, Germany, Spain and Italy are probably under 2% coverage in August 2019, little more than pr. The phone prices in the US and Europe are often twice as high as in Asia.

Vivo is shipping a quality 5G phone in China for US$536.

It has taken 600,000 reservations. OPPO & ZTE offer good phones for $700 or less. 8 companies are shipping 5G phones and competition is driving prices down. Nearly all 5G phones in the West are $1,000 and higher. Airfreighting a mobile costs about $1.

The 32% figure comes from a Price Waterhouse study in 2018. It not rigorous enough to consider as more than suggestive.  A survey by MATRIXX Software estimated 24% would switch, but also is good evidence of any particular figure.

Carriers wanting 5G sales should immediately put their top negotiators on a plane to OPPO, Vivo, Xiaomi, and ZTE to get the China price for their customers.