Ronan, CEO of Verizon Consumer, finally admitted what was becoming obvious: 5G millimetre wave would cover "significantly less than half of the customers." CEO Vestberg is backing off from his promise to bring mmWave at a gigabit to all of Verizon. 

Instead, most will get about a third the performance of mmWave. Their "5G" connection, "will approximate to a good 4G service. ... The mid-bands and lowers are giving you in the low hundreds." 

Most of Verizon's 30 million millimetre wave locations will be in "large, dense urban environments." Verizon's map will probably look like T-Mobile's: mostly business districts and affluent residential areas. 

My Congressman, Adriano Espaillat, has told me of his anger that "Upper Manhattan is a fibre desert." Will Dunne ignore Harlem and the Bronx?

I hope to get a chance to ask Espaillat about 5G.