A million phones will ship in August, but the carriers are scrambling to deliver plans.  They weren't ready when the government moved the startup date and are still scrambling to develop systems. In particular, they are holding back on announcing pricing. For now, all customers are on a free, 100 gigabyte/month "experience" program. With two million phones likely out in August and three million more likely in September, the telcos are looking forward to paid service soon.

Sina.com and other Chinese press sites report rumours that prices will be 199 to 599 yuan, US$29 to $85 per month. I suspect the figures are a trial balloon from the company because several pubs have the same details. In addition, the government is sure to want at least a low entry-level price to encourage takeup.  

Chinese analysts speculate that 5G prices, at least as measured per bit, will soon fall.