5G is now live in the centre of Warsaw. DT Polska writes me:

In ideal conditions and close proximity to the base station we managed to achieve transfers over 800 Mbps (around 830-850 Mbps) with means reaching current technological limit for a 100MHz wide spectrum.

In “daily-use” cases (farther away from the station, on a street, in our #5G_LAB building) we are registering speeds around 350-500 Mbps, which is really great considering the circumstances.

Important sidenote: while at the moment the 100MHz lets us theoretically reach around 850Mbps, in a couple of months, with future releases of the 5G standard this theoretical limit is likely to double. This means that with proper implementation real-life measurements should also improve.

Minister of Digitization Marek Zagórski promised "to implement the 5G network as quickly and efficiently as possible [and] to cover the whole country."

Deutsche Telekom in the U.S. has committed to covering the whole country by 2020, albeit with the slower 600 MHz 5G. 


Dec 7

T-Mobile has launched the first 5G network in Poland

T-Mobile Polska has launched the first fully functional mobile network of the fifth generation in Poland. Its coverage is currently available in the center of Warsaw, however, over time it will be extended to further locations and cities to reach the entire country.

 On December 7 in Warsaw in the center # 5G_LAB, the Minister of Digitalization and T-Mobile representatives inaugurated the operation of the 5G T-Mobile network - the first fifth generation network in Poland. Devices enabling access to the network have been transferred to selected T-Mobile partners. On their basis, they develop their own business solutions and products that will eventually offer mass recipients.

On the side of state authorities, the Minister of Digitization Marek Zagórski took part in the event, and T-Mobile, in addition to the President of the Board, Andreas Maierhofer, was represented by the Chairman of the DT Group Tim Hoettges, and Member of the Board of Telekom AG responsible for Europe, Srini Gopalan. The launch of the 5G network is a continuation of the declaration made a year ago by Tim Hoettges, who announced that Poland is one of the key markets for the Group DT and one of the first countries in Europe that will be able to use the fifth generation network from T-Mobile.

- We do not wait for the future, we only create it for Poland, building and launching the first fifth generation network in our country today! We know that 5G is an important element of the development of innovative economy and support for the development opportunities of the society. This fact was noted, inter alia, in the "Strategy for Responsible Development until 2020". We are happy that we can now subscribe to these assumptions - said Andreas Maierhofer, President of the Management Board of T-Mobile Polska

It should be emphasized that the installation launched today is not a one-off technology test, but a full-fledged fifth generation network, which we will gradually expand and expand into further cities to finally cover the whole country.

- We support all activities related to the testing and implementation of fifth generation networks. The goals of administration and business are similar in this topic. Our priority, which results not only from the guidelines of the European Commission, but above all from our desire to be one of the European leaders of the data-driven economy, is to implement the 5G network as quickly and efficiently as possible. Thus, initiatives such as today's, carried out in Poland, are particularly appreciated. We feel that our efforts are appreciated by global business - said Minister of Digital Affairs Marek Zagórski .

At the same time, he stressed that from the point of view of the government, it is important not only to create the 5G network, but also to ensure that Citizens function safely in it and in its environment .

- 5G must be perceived as a friendly environment, also in the technological aspect - the Minister added .

As predicted by the analyzes referred to in the  Strategy for Responsible Development, the launch of the 5G network in Poland is the basis of the fourth industrial revolution and the creation of Industry 4.0, which thanks to increased innovation will contribute to accelerating the economy and building the country's international competitiveness.

From the point of view of an individual citizen, 5G is above all a chance to improve the quality of life. Thanks to the capacity of the network, we gain the possibility of constant monitoring of health through sensors tracking the most important vital functions, and its high reliability allows the development of remote medical consultations or even remote operations. Of course, the 5G network will open up completely new possibilities for entertainment - from creating from scratch a truly mobile gaming with no delays to allowing the use of fully immersive broadcasts of concerts and sporting events to use solutions from the area of virtual reality.

At the same time, 5G will be widely used in agriculture, where the mass use of sensors controlling soil temperature, hydration or crop status, as well as the automation of livestock farms will enable increased productivity while reducing the use of chemicals, which will allow the production of healthy, organic food on a large scale. It is also a significant change in the industry and the labor market, where the automation of manufacturing processes will allow the creation of truly intelligent factories, smoothly responding to changes in demand or prices of raw materials and cooperating with each other in an automatic manner, and on the other hand:

The 5G network also means new perspectives for the development of smart cities , where, for example, a network of miniature sensors embedded in all elements of urban infrastructure will help control traffic, waste disposal, parking space management, or bring real savings thanks to smart street lighting.

The highest quality of the network is the priority and the basic T-Mobile distinguishing from the competition. For the best coverage and data transmission speed in the LTE network today we add another argument to confirm this thesis - it is T-Mobile today launched the first fully functional, full-fledged 5G network in Poland, based on commercial solutions and available to our partners. We are already working on the integration of fifth generation networks with our commercial 3G and 4G networks and expansion of the base station network -  said Thomas Lips, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer at T-Mobile Polska .

On the day of launching the 5G network, T-Mobile consists of five base stations that broadcast a signal available in the center of Warsaw. A 5G system in the 3.5 GHz band with a 100MHz channel width was launched on each station. The 5G signal is emitted by antennas enabling the use of 5G beam forming technique and moving it in accordance with changes in the position of the individual user, which guarantees the highest quality of connection (so-called beam foaming and beam tracking). Each of the base stations used in the project has been thoroughly rebuilt for the purpose of launching the fifth generation network and equipped with fiber-optic access to the network via the 10Gb / s standard.