ZTEphoneweiboZTE is the first phonemaker with a 5G phone, as they show in the Sina Weibo post. It won't be for purchase until 2019, of course. 20 companies have promised phones in 2019. Very few chips and hence very few phones will be available in the first half of the year. We have no specifications or price for the phone; it may not do millimetre wave. 

Qualcomm demo'd at Swisscom a working unit "in a mobile form factor," with a claimed speed of 1 gigabit shared. 

Many more to come, probably formally introduced at MWC Barcelona in February. The only one missing will be Apple, reports say. The 5G iPhone will be 2020 because Intel is a year late with the chips.

ztephone1ztephone2I believe this is the first report in English. It's based on