Zain KSA Riyadh 230 A. sent this speedtest from his 5G home router in Riyadh. 248 Mbps down, 5 Mbps up, and a remarkable ping of 17 ms. Opensignal average 5G speeds in Saudi Arabia test at 414 Mbps, highest in the world. See . His note:

"I have been a subscriber of 5G for my home internet with Zain KSA since last January. At the beginning, the internet was extremely slow (actually lower than 4G). However, the internet has been gradually improving lately I suspect that is related to the higher deployment of 5G small cells around my areas."

The low ping is surprising, lower than Verizon and almost all 5G worldwide tests. It implies that Zain has a new, state-of-the-art system for backhaul and core transport. While the headlines go to the latency of the 5G radio, the backhaul often has a larger effect. Verizon One Fiber has more impact on latency than anything related to 5G. 

The Gulf and Korea have gone faster to 5G than any others.