Hisense TV 230UNISOC is now shipping the T7510 5G, putting more downward pricing on chips. The Hisense F50 is in limited production with that chip, sold out on jd.com but presumably more available soon.  (Announcement below.) 5G phone prices are dipping below US$200, although Hisense is currently pricing at $500. See 

Both companies are state-backed and hence have the resources to continue in the current tough market. UNISOC (formerly known as Spectrum) is part of Tsinghua Unigroup, which has received billions of state funding. It once had a production deal with Intel but is now on its own.

Hisense is a US$35 billion company and one of the world's largest makers of TVs (pictured,) refrigerators, and air conditioners. It goes back to 1969 and was one of the first to import foreign technology in the 1980s. It's been a modest producer of phones and hopes to continue into the 5G era.

15 million 5G phones shipped in China in May, 46% of the rebounding market.  

Here's the original announcement. 


Shanghai, China – April 20, 2020 – Ziguang Zhanrui , the world's leading supplier of core chips for mobile communications and the Internet of Things, today announced the launch of F50, the first Hisense 5G smartphone equipped with the Hu Ben T7510.
Hu Ben T7510 adopts 8-core CPU architecture, which is composed of four 2.0GHz Arm Cortex-A75 and four 1.8GHz Arm Cortex-A55.

Hisense F50 supports SA&NSA dual module network, 5G mainstream frequency band (N41/N78/N79) and 4G global frequency band, and supports intelligent seamless switching between 5G and 4G, allowing users to enjoy 5G high-speed experience anytime, anywhere. Thanks to the latest 2T4R transmission technology adopted by the Hu Ben T7510, the number of antennas has doubled, making the download speed faster and more stable. The new upgrade also includes WiFi MIMO dual antenna technology, which has a stronger signal search capability, a larger receiving area, and no dead angle for the signal.
Hisense F50 is equipped with a four-camera combination of 48 million main camera + 2 million depth of field + 8 million wide angle + 2 million macro. Combined with the AI ‚Äč‚Äčalgorithm, the F50 provides super night scenes, HDR, AI beauty, and many other photo functions, allowing users to take creative creative films. Thanks to the new EIS anti-shake algorithm provided by the Zhan Rui Vivimagic image engine, the F50 can accurately sense the direction and amplitude of the shake, and can be eliminated by the algorithm to make the video screen more stable and clearer.
The F50 5G mobile phone is equipped with a 5010mAh large-capacity battery and supports 18W safe fast charging technology to ensure sufficient power throughout the day and night. In addition, F50 uses 8mm ultra-wide heat pipe, PC-level efficient heat conduction efficiency, easily alleviate the heat problem caused by long time playing machine, and provide a guarantee for the efficient operation of mobile phones. Thanks to Hu Ben T7510's innovative Hi-Turbo smart engine technology, F50 can intelligently identify user operations, flexibly schedule CPU resources for different levels of computing needs, and ensure a smooth experience while extending battery life.
Chu Qing, CEO of Ziguang Zhanrui, said: "We are very happy to cooperate with Hisense to provide support for Hisense’s first 5G smartphone. Ziguang Zhanrui has always been committed to technological innovation, and the Hisense F50 mobile phone equipped with Hu Ben T7510 integrates many advanced technologies. And applications, we will work together to bring the 5G experience to more consumers."
Ma Xiaohang, vice president of Hisense Electronic Information Group and deputy general manager of Qingdao Hisense Communication Co., Ltd., said: "Thanks to 5G high-speed connection, AI empowerment, With excellent gaming experience and endurance, Hisense F50 mobile phone will make people's lives more convenient and better."
*The product descriptions and pictures in this article are from Hisense's official introduction and authorization.