Skyworks CEO Liam Griffin may already have an Apple 5G phone. (Production is beginning, although the big ramp is late. Some July-August chip orders have been delayed two or three months.

"The 5G performance is going to be incredible. Consumers are going to line up to get it. It's going to be the biggest incremental performance change that we've seen in cellular." [mmWave 5G will often be a gigabit. However, mmWave will be a minority of locations. Low-band "5G" will be slower than decent 4G. ed]

Skyworks, a $15 billion chipmaker, is the key supplier of the front end radio parts for Apple. Just about everything on the phone except the camera and the display has to work well with the radio front end, so he's been briefed in depth.

There are a dozen possible mobile phone improvements that Apple is likely working on, which could pull it modestly ahead of the competition. 3D scanning, Time of Flight, depth perception, and better cooling are coming out of the labs. The new processor is built in a 5 nm process, a major improvement over last year's. Theory predicts that antennas and radio frequency parts have a great potential for improvement, although I don't know what's ready.

Verizon is gearing up for a major boost when the 5G comes out, one reason my 2020 5G estimates are higher than almost anyone else's. If the 5G iPhone is in limited supply before yearend, some of the sales will shift into 2021.

I don't think Jennie will ever switch away from the iPhone.