begging cup 230Your equipment could be delayed, especially if China goes ahead with a huge deployment of 5G,  Suri was explaining to investors a sales shortfall caused by an inability to get parts. Suri said

"There is a tight supply for some standard components, such as various capacitors, diodes, and transistors that are used in our sector and many others, as well. The root cause of this situation is the fast growth of digital technologies in areas such as automotive as well as supplier consolidation delaying capacity investments.

While our procurement team is doing a good job of managing the situation, there is a risk that ongoing shortages could limit our ability to capture upside from unforecasted demand and to benefit from normal cost erosion."

Joe Madden reports suppliers are rushing to add equipment to keep up with orders for cellphone parts.

 On the other hand, the memory suppliers have now caught up with demand and prices are falling.

Rumors of a shortage are dangerous. Sensible people stock up. That can create a shortage if there hadn't been one. I found two reliable sources before I printed this article.