There have been essentially no major traffic disruptions reported on any major data network in the world despite the traffic increase. Almost all networks have enough spare capacity to handle what's come and probably what is next to come. The NY Times and others are overdue for a correction. Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg tells HBR's Adi Ignatius

We have seen no major impact from a network point of view, the wireless, the wireline, or the fiber network. That’s very important. The network is robust. We are prepared for it. 

Over a dozen other networks - from England to India - also have reported minimal disruption.

Hans, a very decent guy for a CEO, also said

You need to support the most vulnerable in our society in these times, especially if you’re the size of company we are. We are waiving all late fees and suspending terminations for nonpayment in order to keep our small business, enterprise, and residential consumers running. For our wireless consumers, we have automatically increased data limits by 15 gigabytes per month. You don’t need to apply. We just give them more. We’re also prioritizing data and communication of first responders and hospitals.

He announced a capex increase, which had previously only been hinted at. 

We had guidance for 2020 to spend $17.5 billion on our networks during 2020. Two weeks ago, we decide to increase that to $18.5 billion. 

The apex increase is necessary as T-Mobile is building a network that will be noticeably better than Verizon, using Sprint's 160 MHz of golden spectrum at 2.5 GHz.