Boost offlineCharlie Ergen's company wants $50 I don't owe and has turned off my phone even though I am prepaid in full through October 2022. Even more infuriating, they want a $3 fee even to talk to someone to get this corrected. As I type this, I've been waiting on hold for 32 minutes for a supervisor. Update: I was cut off. I called back in. 

US carriers, including the biggest, know the FCC won't do anything no matter how miserably they treat customers. That gives the companies incentive for "strategic incompetence." They make it so hard to get bill errors corrected many people give up.

Pat, who answered the phone, said Boost did not offer any 12 month plan and didn't last year. He refused to connect me to a supervisor despite 5 requests over 30 minutes, mostly on hold. He lied.

From their press release:  "New and existing customers will get 12 full months of free unlimited* talk, text and data on their new Celero5G" (below)

It cost $279, including the phone, $23/month. For America that's a very good deal, less than half what Verizon & AT&T usually charge.

But the company misprogrammed the computer for their promotion and wanted me to pay an additional two months to get service turned on. I had to make multiple calls to get that fixed. My speeds are over 400 Mbps on occasion and less than 4 Mbps other times.

Throughout, I was unable to access, getting a message, "Access Denied You don't have permission to access "" on this server. Reference #18.4e3a2b17.1646162217.42b8d51e." I had no trouble connecting to a dozen other websites.

Charlie - After waiting on hold for almost an hour, I got to a supervisor who confirmed the promotion should have covered me and I didn't owe anything. But she told me it might take two days for the back office to turn me back on. There's no reason a supervisor shouldn't have that ability.

Also, a customer who asks 5 times for a supervisor is likely a problem you want to fix. Presumably, Pat was afraid of being fired for allowing too many people to get a supervisor. Fix that.

If you need me while Dish is still broken, try email

 Here's the original announcement

DISH's Boost Mobile introduces the Celero5G, an exclusive device optimized for 5G and packed with features that cater to its customers

Aiming to bring affordable 5G access to all communities, Celero5G will launch exclusively on Boost Mobile this fall

ENGLEWOOD, Colo., Sept. 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- DISH Network Corporation's Boost Mobile, the wireless carrier focused on empowering customers to maximize their mobile service, announced today the Celero5G, a new 5G device launching exclusively to Boost customers later this fall. The Celero5G fills a void in the mobile device market, providing an affordable 5G option that's packed with the features customers want. Sporting a sleek, premium form factor, the Celero5G's performance and 5G accessibility match its exterior in spades. 

Whether streaming, gaming, or accessing Boost's constantly expanding lineup of value-added services, the Celero5G offers the power of choice for people who crave quality specs at a reasonable price. It boasts a 6.52-inch screen, four cameras, 36 hours of battery life, and 4GB RAM/ 64GB ROM memory that's customizable with an SD card up to 2TB. Ideal for entertainment and productivity alike, the device's expansive screen offers brilliant views plus one-handed comfort. Triple rear cameras are fit for any scenario, from epic wide views to astonishing details. Customers will be able to remember every event and accomplishment with a high-quality camera—always in their pocket. The Celero5G's long-lasting 4,000 mAh battery with 15W fast charging allows customers to stream, browse, share, and navigate all day long. 

"Our goal at Boost is to empower our customers with what they need, when they need it," said Stephen Stokols, head of Boost Mobile. "Subscribers have told us loud and clear: they want speed, cool features, and a fair price. The Celero5G is built to make 5G affordable." 

New and existing customers can now pre-order online at New and existing customers will get 12 full months of free unlimited* talk, text and data on their new Celero5G for just $279 (through 10/31/21), plus a specially-designed phone case at zero cost to them. The Celero5G will be available at Boost Mobile branded retail locations and in national retail later this fall. 

Boost Mobile gives more power to subscribers who want to save money without sacrificing premium services. Through its value added services, Boost Mobile's prepaid wireless plans put the power back where it belongs—into the customers' hands. Boost makes 5G accessible to all communities. 

For full details on the device and pricing, please visit

*After 35GB, data speeds will be reduced