Four reasons FNN is a remarkable advertising/marketing buy.

Dave Burstein This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Always customized to your goals, not a “standard package.” Never a contract; cancel anytime. Substantial help with editorial, design, & ideas. (If you want it.) Consulting, briefings, and other extras. Review of actual stats to confirm.



The best audience, loaded with tech people senior enough to make decisions.

  • Deep in industry and financial analysts as well as journalists - ask for a list

  • Throughout the English speaking world.

  • Ask to see the actual list from some of your key customers the next time we’re face to face. (I don’t give it out electronically.) Your decision will be clear.

  • Because we have information others don’t, a remarkable percentage of those involved in buying decisions are regular readers.



Extremely flexible ways to reach your audience

  • White Papers - With editorial assistance, iff you want it. I’ve learned some things about writing for engineers

  • Dedicated Articles - With editorial assistance, iff you want it.

  • Webinars - organized to be lively for the audience and very easy for the speaker.

  • Dedicated emails - to one of the best lists in the business

  • Selections - including U.S. or European telcos

  • Newsletter Ads go to > 8,000 of the most interesting people in the industry. Because they are short, they are a great way to make a key point. Ideal for new products and events.

  • Website ads can be almost way you like - I do my own web work. ~ 50,000 visits each month. Dedicated sites for for (Top news site on Google) & Massive MIMO

  • Essentially anything plausible you can think of - except editorial changes or something unduly annoying to readers.


Extra assistance, as useful. I can do

  • Regular calls, deeply off the record - reviewing what’s important in the industry. These are often very productive.

  • Consultant type service - including questions answered, for a reasonable amount of time.

  • Briefings for your people - as you approach a new area or customer. In 5-15 minutes, I can often provide useful perspective for staff and sales.

  • Review of speeches and presentations - I’m pretty good at this, including to CEOs at major events.

  • Who’s Who in DC and often other important places. On D.C. I can share 15 years of experience working with the FCC & State.


You support quality journalism.